South East Essex Academy Trust

Welcome from CEO

Andrew Cooper

I’m Andrew Cooper and I am the Chief Executive Officer of South East Essex Academy Trust. I am incredibly proud to lead a team of passionate, dedicated and talented staff and I feel privileged to be playing a big part in the future success of children across South East Essex from the age of 2 to 18. 

What’s great about our family of eight schools is that we can be with a child every step of the way, from teaching them to tie their shoelaces right through to congratulating them on their GCSE and A level results and discussing their future plans. That puts us in a unique position; it’s also a tremendous responsibility. I hope you will share my excitement and optimism about what we can achieve by working together and helping each child to reach their full potential. 

Without doubt, the children are at the heart of everything we do. We will make the most of our unique family of schools to give every child the best possible opportunity to flourish and develop into a decent, disciplined, well-educated and employable young person. We also want to make a real and lasting difference to the communities within which we work. That’s why our mission is to raise and sustain educational standards in our schools through high aspirations for all.