South East Essex Academy Trust



The members of an academy trust are the guardians of the governance of the trust. Academy trusts must have at least three members.

What do members do?

They ensure the success of the trust. Essentially, this means focusing on the following questions:

  • Is the board of trustees ensuring governance is strong?
  • Is the board of trustees ensuring the pupils in the trust are making expected progress and reaching the required levels of attainment?
  • Is the board of trustees ensuring robust financial oversight?

In order to do this, members need to remain informed about the work of the trustees, but not actively seek to participate in it.


The trustees of an academy trust are a like the board of directors of any big organisation and they pay particular attention to:

  • Setting the strategic direction for the Trust, alongside the Chief Executive.
  • Making sure the finances are all in order and everything we do offers the best possible value for money and that there is consistency in things like HR policy across the trust.
  • Ensuring that the trust complies with all relevant laws, including charity law requirements and the same company law requirements that apply to all Directors.
  • Keeping a close eye on the executive team and the individual academy Headteachers and holding them to account at all times through the Chief Executive.