South East Essex Academy Trust

The SEEAT Experience for Pupils

The SEEAT Experience for Pupils is a framework of tangible experiences that we feel our pupils should enjoy as part of their planned curriculum. In line with our SEEAT value of enrichment, we believe that whatever Trust school pupils go to, each of them should have access to a range of experiences that have been designed specifically for them, providing them with opportunities to develop as individuals alongside their academic studies.  

Designing the Experiences

The experiences we have included have been carefully curated by staff and pupils from across the Trust. Because both staff and pupils recognise that all pupils should participate in as many of these experiences as possible, we work together as a Trust to ensure that all our pupils have access and opportunityFor our most disadvantaged, this is especially important and is a priority in designing provision  

Our experiences are designed as an inter-connected character-building curriculum. With this in mind, we have grouped the experiences into 4 categories which are framed around interactions. We encourage our schools to provide a mixture of experiences from each of the 4 categories. 



The experiences are  divided into key stages.  Where possible, each event is experienced once during the key stage where it is listed.  It can be met through school, or through an external experience provided by or outside of the school.  The Trust supports where possible and appropriate. 

The experiences are merged into a school’s current provision – they do not need to stand apart from what is already planned. However, pupils are clear about why these experiences are important, and how they are helping them to develop.  Where possible, pupils are shown how they are related to the 4 categories and therefore specifically designed to form an inter-connected curriculum for them.   

Recording the Experiences

Pupils are encouraged and given regular opportunities to share the experiences they have had with pupils, staff, parents and the community. 

Given the variety of existing programmes and systems already in our schools, and based upon feedback from staff and pupils, we feel that it is for each individual school to decide how they wish to record the experiences of their pupils.  This may be through an online tracking tool, a classroom poster, a passport, an existing system or a certificate.   




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