South East Essex Academy Trust

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The SEEAT Institute is underpinned by a commitment to providing our staff with planned and personalised professional development opportunities that will build and enhance their knowledge and ultimately improve pupil outcomes. 

The branches of the Institute encompass the common needs of all adults in our Trust community, ensuring that in our CPD offer there is ‘development for everyone’. 


The SEEAT Institute will:

  •  build and enhance knowledge and practice across our family and beyond
  • expose our staff to the best research and experts in the sector 
  • provide our staff with autonomy and choice over their learning journey through our pathway model
  • facilitate communities and networks across the Trust and the sector
  • encourage reflection and experimentation so that all of our staff can become experts in their field
  • provide supportive and nurturing environments  

Contact us

Please call Sarah White on 07596 567607 with any enquiries.