South East Essex Academy Trust

Directory of Excellence

The SEEAT Directory of Excellence is a tool designed to capture and direct excellence across our schools. In creating the Directory, we will be able to support the delivery and development of excellence in every aspect, in every school across SEEAT. 

In joining the Directory, a teacher would become a Practitioner of Excellence.  This Excellence will be associated with their subject but could be in either delivery and/or curriculum.

Inclusion in the Directory means that the teacher AND their school have agreed for them to be involved in school-to-school support across SEEAT.  This may be providing ongoing support or it may be leading a time specific project. 

The Trust will equip all PEs in developing the unique skill set required to effectively deliver school-to-school support.

The PE and school will set clear targets and the impact of their work will be evaluated by the school and the Trust. 


Our current Practitioners of Excellence are:

Rebecca Vinten – History

Ed Aitken – Geography

Ian Hamilton – English

Anne Slayford – English

Phil Law – Science

Tara Smith - Early Years