South East Essex Academy Trust

SEEAT Ethos 

  • We are a close-knit family of schools
  • Being local is important - every school is within reasonable travelling distance
  • Each school retains its individuality and distinctive local identity
  • Collaboration and sharing best practice are at the heart of everything we do
  • We align systems, processes and practice when it enables us to do things better
  • We are passionate about our pupils having enrichment experiences that help them to develop as well-rounded individuals alongside their academic studies
  • We listen to our employees, prioritise their wellbeing and professional development and ensure all our schools are positive places to work
  • We want our trust to grow so we can do more of the good things we offer and help to raise standards in the East of England
  • We believe in visible leadership – we know our schools and we know them well
  • We will never over-promise and under-deliver