South East Essex Academy Trust


The SEEAT Day 2024 has been designed to provide teaching and non-teaching staff with professional development opportunities that respond to Trust, school and individual needs.  Last year, SEEAT staff who were not included reported that they ‘wanted to be part of the day’ and we feel that this a great opportunity to strengthen our links to the SEEAT family. As such we have options for teachers, LSAs, and our office and finance teams.    Our offer enables staff to select sessions that they feel would be most beneficial for their role. Staff will select 3 sessions for the day.  In each session timeslot, there are 10 different options - ensuring that there is something for everyone.  


The sessions target key areas of improvement and have been selected via conversations with colleagues in our schools, the SEEAT Partnership Reviews, Ofsted inspections, appraisal feedback and relevant school improvement work. Sessions will be delivered by experts from across the Trust and beyond.    


SEEAT Day 2024 Schedule

seeat day schedule 2024 v2 2 .pdf


 We hope that designing you own day will lead you to feel empowered by the sessions and your work with staff from across the Trust.  

The Deanes School has parking, but we would encourage you to share cars where possible.   

Should your own children need childcare on that day, we are delighted to share that sports coaches will be available to provide this for free.  They can also join us for a snack and lunch during the day.  We are able to cater for children from 3 years up.



Please complete the registration form below. You will then be sent a link on Friday 19 January 2024, where you can chose your sessions.