South East Essex Academy Trust

The SEEAT Institute and what it offers

The SEEAT Institute has now been launched in our schools as the home of training and development at SEEAT. It includes the following areas: 

SEEAT Communities and Networks  

There have been 19 community meetings so far this year attended by teachers from SEEAT and schools locally.  This has provided opportunities to discuss key priorities in those subjects.  

 SEEAT Programmes  

The New or Aspiring to Middle Leadership programme and New or Aspiring to Senior Leadership programmes started last week.  These are a 'dip your toe in' course of 4 sessions led by experienced leaders within and outside of SEEAT.   

 SEEAT Coaching  

Ms Tyler - an affiliated Education Team member - is leading SEEAT Coaching.  She has met with each school's designated Coaching Lead and has begun to deliver whole school training and coaching sessions to individuals. 

 Directory of Excellence  

Our Practitioners of Excellence continue to support teachers and leaders within our schools in their designated subjects.   

 SEEAT Research Hub  

Mr Hamilton is now into year 2 of his work on 'Improving Boys' Writing' 


If you would like to join a community or network; enrol on a programme; or have any other enquiries please do get in touch with