South East Essex Academy Trust

Heycroft Primary School set to join SEEAT


The Department for Education (DfE) has confirmed that Heycroft Primary School will be joining SEEAT. Heycroft has been working with the trust since January 2023.


The transfer process will take place during the Autumn Term. This will include a consultation alongside due diligence activities. The DfE are currently working on a timeline that results in Heycroft formally transferring to SEEAT on 1st January 2024.  


Andrew Cooper, Chief Executive at SEEAT, said: “We are very pleased that the Department for Education selected us to continue our journey with the school and fully welcome them into the SEEAT family. Strong and effective partnerships have developed between the school and the Trust over the past two terms and the current level of support has enabled the school to make rapid progress."


"We wish all the staff, children and families of Heycroft, a very happy summer holiday and we look forward to the future of this partnership with great enthusiasm and optimism."