South East Essex Academy Trust

Thank you for the Music!

Last Friday, we had our inaugural SEEAT Music Event. Pupils from across our 7 schools came together to perform their chosen songs - including Annie and Abba! - and a group rendition of 'Sing'.  Our pupils' performances were inspiring and full of joy.  It was a pleasure to see all our schools coming together and it demonstrated perfectly what being part of a family of schools is all about.  The finale was fantastic: ‘sing it stronger, sing together’. 

 “Just wanted to say how wonderful this evening was. It was truly lovely hearing our family of schools making such a beautiful sound. It's very easy as a head to get absorbed with one's own school but tonight was a brilliant reminder of what it means to be part of a team” (Headteacher) .

 “This was a happy evening which demonstrated the bonding of the seven schools of the Trust. I do hope this is to become an annual event”  (Chair of Governors) .

Thank you to Becky Geoghegan for organising and hosting the evening (and all those who helped her) and to Bev Carter from the Music Department at WHSG for working with our primary children across the year.  

SEEAT Music Festival