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Celebrating 60 Years of Memories at Hadleigh Junior School

It was a day of nostalgia and fond memories as a group of ex-Hadleigh Junior School pupils returned to their alma mater for a special reunion, marking 60 years since their time as pupils. The school warmly welcomed the visitors, who were eager to reconnect with their past and see how much the school had changed over the years.

Led by Mrs. Barney, the former pupils were given a tour of the school where they were impressed by the behavior of the children who were keen to ask them questions about their time at the school.  

One notable revelation was the insight into the Headteacher's . Back in their day, the Headteacher was Mr. Dunton, who reportedly looked like Professor Dumbledore and the current Study was his office. 

The reunion sparked curiosity among the current pupils with Emma F, asking about the school's sporting teams from years ago. The former pupils shared that the boys participated in football, while the girls played netball. The boys and girls had separate playgrounds and the boys weren't allowed to play netball.  Dulcie C was intrigued by the uniforms worn by the former pupils. The visitors fondly recalled wearing shirts, ties, and blazers and that boys were required to wear caps. 

The returning pupils were particularly impressed by the presence of numerous "inspirational female" staff members throughout the school building and noted that it was very male dominated staff during their time.  

The former pupils spent time looking through old documents and photographs with prefects and recreated an old class photo that was originally taken in the Quad,

The 60-year reunion at Hadleigh Junior School is a wonderful reminder of the lasting impact that a school can have on its students. It provided a rare opportunity for former pupils to reconnect with their roots, reminisce about shared experiences, and witness the remarkable transformations that have taken place since their time.  

Hadleigh Junior Reunion