South East Essex Academy Trust

A new era for Heycroft Primary School

The new year has brought in a new era for Heycroft Primary School in Eastwood. 

On 1st January, the school formally transferred to South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT). The trust has been working with Heycroft since January 2023.  

Andrew Cooper, Chief Executive at SEEAT, said: “We were very pleased that the Department for Education selected us to continue our journey with the school and following a smooth transition process we have now fully welcomed Heycroft Primary School into the SEEAT family.  

I want to thank the members of the Interim Executive Board, put in place by Southend-on-Sea City Council, who have provided their knowledge and skills to aid the school's improvement work in the last 12 months.” 

The school now has a new Governing Body, including parent representatives and is being led by an Executive Headteacher, Glenn Moore, supported by Andy Abel, Head of School. 

Glenn Moore, Executive Headteacher, commented: “Strong and effective partnerships have developed between the school and the Trust over the past year enabling the school to make rapid progress. In 2024, we want to make sure that the school continues to go from strength to strength.” 

The Trust says that its priorities are to rapidly improve the quality of education and to invest in the school building, facilities and technology to enhance children’s learning experiences.