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Our Ethos and Vision

The SEEAT Vision

Our vision is to create a MAT of primary and secondary schools in South East Essex where all schools in the MAT:

I Will be on a journey towards becoming Outstanding

I Will be looking to achieve educational outcomes and progress scores well above the national average.

Each school in the MAT is given delegated authority to progress in the way that suits it best and is supported and encouraged by the MAT. By following this vision, the Trust aims to raise educational standards across its region.

The SEEAT Ethos

Together at SEEAT we are more than the sum of our parts. Together at SEEAT we do not follow a prescriptive path. We listen to each other, share best practice, encourage and support each other to enable each of our schools to become the best that it can. Together at SEEAT we are fully inclusive and non-judgemental. Our schools range from some of the most disadvantaged primaries to a selective grammar school. Each of our schools has something to offer the others.

We follow a model where a lot of authority is delegated to the headteacher and LGB of each school. We know that each school has its own individual circumstances and way of doing things. This gives a light touch, empowered feel to each of the schools in SEEAT. At the same time the MAT is quick to support and encourage each school where requested and needed.

We are bound together by our pursuit for excellence. We expect to help and support all of our academies to:

I Deliver excellent academic results

I To produce happy, confident, rounded individuals that will have the ability to achieve whatever they set their minds to and to shine in whatever sphere they choose

I To work towards achieving outstanding Ofsted ratings

When other people look at our Trust they see the differences between schools – secondary/primary, relatively affluent/deprived. When we look at them, we see what we have in common – a team of talented individuals delivering excellence in all our schools.

As a Trust we are outward looking and are focused on supporting the community in South East Essex. SEEAT runs a teaching school, South Essex Teaching School Alliance which has 60 member schools. It runs a number of programmes being region lead for Science Learning, delivering school to school support and teacher training. In 2019 SETSA was also chosen to be a National Computing Hub. SEEAT also supports its member schools with their own wider community involvement.